Soundforms launch concert, London Docklands, 6 March 2012

Grace played Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz at the launch of Soundforms, the world’s first mobile acoustic performance shell, at a special VIP event at London Docklands on 6th March 2012.

Review excerpt from by Sian Disson, News Editor:

“Last Tuesday, some of the UK’s shining stars put the shell to the test. The inconceivably brilliant pianist Grace Francis was the first to the stage, her digits moving at lightning speed despite the biting cold and the beauty of her music warming the shuffling crowd.”

Soundforms brings indoor quality acoustics to the outdoor stage with the arrival of revolutionary shells designed and manufactured by a young British company.

To hear an audio recording (mp3) of the inaugural Soundforms event, download this link:

To watch an NBC news report on the event, please click here:

To download the Soundforms video of the concert please click here (only available until 15 April 2012): lrAB5aUu-V5wmEtjGHjw2


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